This film tells the story of a tragic event that took place in the artist’s early childhood: the death of her father. He died due to a gas leak in the heating system of the room he had rented during his travels back in Romania. This room was intended to share intimate moments with his mistress, a young woman who also lost her life after this encounter.

Written in the first person and from his perspective, the lyrics are based on what her idea of the last minutes of her father’s life were and the thoughts that were coming to him in that final hour. We imagined that with a dizzied mind, in an almost dreamlike state, his last thoughts were devoted to them, his family, his wife and two daughters that he was now leaving behind. There is a sense of guilt, shame, but also a dominating “fact of the matter” telling of what is, leaving the listener to experience a lack of resolve. A glimpse into the void that was created in that fateful moment.


Winner - Georgia Short Film Festival

Longlist - 1.4 Awards of Brilliant Filmmaking


Directed by Maïlis
Cinematographer : Antoine Ryan
Steadicam Operator : Kes Tagney
1st AC : Geoffrey McCaldin
Art Director + Stylist : Samara
Art assistant : Sam Chance
Choreographer + Dancer : Brittney Canda
HMUA : Cynthia Bouchard
Set Photographer : Dhalia Bertoldi
Editor : Brittney Canda
Colorist : Simon Boisx
Actors : Evan Wilson, Alexandre Wilson, Alexandra Comsa, Mishka Stein, Gab Godon