For the 2023 campaign taking place during the 12 days of action to end violence against women, we collected the testimonies of more than thirty survivors. My deepest thanks to the authors whose words have been brought here in a united voice. Your testimonials give us vital strength.


With : Alexandra Fadel - Senior lawyer at Juripop
Ruba Ghazal - Member of Parliament for Québec Solidaire in the constituency of Mercier
Emmeline Michaud (Moule) - Feminist painter, illustrator, and graphic designer
Saphia Arhzaf - Feminist activist, co-founder of Les Cousines, and collaborator at Sayaspora
Selma Kouidri - Co-founder and general director of the Institut National pour l’équité, l’égalité et l’inclusion des personnes en situation de handicap
Vanessa Boudrias - Actress and dancer

Directed by Maïlis

Production - Club Sexu
Director of photography - Catherine Lefebvre
Art director - Cécile Tousignant
Sound - Paloma Daris-Bécotte
MUA - Karine Poirier
Emotional support attendant - Annie Thifault
Edit - Gabrielle Vigneault-Gendron
Sound design and mix - Estelle Abou
Colors - Martin Gaumond for Outpost Mtl
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Project manager - Geneviève Bergeron
Conceptualization - Justine Chenier
Special thanks to Simran Dewan, Travis Komarnisky, Cineground and Stukely